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Year Group Overviews

  Autumn Terms 1 and 2

Spring Terms
3 and 4

Summer Terms
5 and 6


Child Initiated

Child Initiated

Child Initiated


Child Initiated

Child Initiated

Child Initiated

Year 1

I spy with my little eye


These boots are made for walking

Poles Apart

Walking with dinosaurs

Yo, ho, ho me hearties

Baa, Neigh, Moo

Year 2

Bush, billabongs and boomerangs


Fire! Fire!


On My Doorstep
Housten, we have a problem!

Jai Ho!


Dragons and castles

Year 3

Mummies, masks and mysteries

Stones, bones and iron thrones

Tomorrow's World 

Romans Rule!


Under the Canopy

Wish you were here . . .

Year 4

Emergency on Planet Earth


Muggles, magic and mayhem

Oriental Express



Art is the flower

Year 5

It's all Greek to me!


Forward together


Out of this world

Feel the Force




Brasil Viver


Year 6

Fair Trade, Fair Paid


At the Heart of the Matter

Mexico Maravilloso!

The mystery of the Mayans




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