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This is the Barry Wind Band of 2021 at their first rehearsal.

We generally have between 80 and 100 children learning instruments in school including flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, baritone cello, violin and guitar and more. These lessons are provided (fees apply) during the school day by specialist teachers from the Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust. There are some subsidies available and we also offer every child the opportunity to learn an instrument for at least a term during KS2 through First Access projects such as whole class Samba, Ukulele, Recorder and African drumming.


Band rehearsal

With so many pupils involved with playing instruments we are lucky enough to be able have our own Wind Band and String Ensemble. The groups rehearse weekly and have regular performance opportunities throughout the year. This ensemble playing is extremely important at developing skills, but is also great fun!

We also run other music clubs such as Barry Voices and Keyboard Club.  All of our groups have performance opportunities through the year and we have been regular participants in the Northamptonshire Festival of Music and Performing Arts and the Music for Youth National Festival.

We enhance our music curriculum with workshops and recitals from visiting musicians and

by taking part in larger projects with other schools.

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