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Welcome to Barry Primary School

Mr Will Brooks, Headteacher

It is my privilege as Headteacher to extend a warm welcome to the Barry Primary website and thank you for visiting. Our school not only strives for high academic standards for children, but we also have the ambition for everyone that is part of our school to achieve their fullest potential in a far broader sense, celebrating creativity, individuality, integrity and diversity.

We are proud of having a long history of putting children at the heart of everything we do and of the close-knit, supportive “family-feel” that visitors to our school always comment on; it is this CARE that forms an integral part of our school vision and values.

Our dedicated staff team, our wonderful children and the excellent relationships that exist between all members of the school community have helped us to achieve our Good status. This website aims to celebrate the broad range of opportunities and achievements at our school, as well as further contributing to the partnership that exists within our lovely learning community.

We hope that you enjoy the site and are as proud of our children’s achievements as we are.

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  • Important
    22 May 2019
    Update on Phone Line
    Dear Parents/Carers The main phone is still out of order, the problem appears to be with the line that runs to the exchange. BT have been advised and we are waiting for it to be repaired. As a short term solution we have diverted calls to an analogue telephone line but this does not have the facility to leave messages, we are also unable to transfer calls. If you child is unable to attend school or you have any other enquiries, please email the office on schooloffice@barryprimary.org. Thank you and Kind Regards
  • Newsletter
    10 May 2019
    Barry News
    Please find attached the latest edition of Barry News with the KidsStop attachment. Have a lovely weekend!
  • Newsletter
    26 April 2019
    Barry News
    Please find attached the latest edition of Barry News.
  • General
    5 April 2019
    Holiday Reading Challenge
    Dear Parents/Carers Please find attached a holiday reading challenge letter for your child Kind Regards
  • Event
    3 April 2019
    Non-Uniform Day - Friday
    Dear Parents/Carers As Friday is the last day of term before we break for the Easter Holidays we will be having a Non-Uniform Day. Children may come to school in their own clothing and do not need to wear uniform. May we take this opportunity to wish you all Happy Easter. School returns on Wednesday 24th April for the Summer Term. Kind Regards
  • Newsletter
    29 March 2019
    Barry News
    Please find attached the latest edition of Barry News. Have a lovely weekend!
  • Reminder
    14 March 2019
    School Uniform
    Dear Parents We have noticed that there has been a drop in uniform standards recently, and would like to remind you of the current requirements that are stated in the School Uniform Policy: Our colours are jade / navy and white and the uniform is as follows:- BOYS - • navy sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece* • white, jade or navy polo shirt or white shirt* • navy or grey trousers • sensible shoes or plain black trainers GIRLS - • navy sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece* • white, jade or navy polo shirt or white blouse* • navy or grey skirt, trousers or pinafore dress • blue or green gingham dresses may be worn in the Summer term • sensible shoes or plain black trainers For PE ALL children need - • white t-shirt • black or navy PE shorts • plimsolls / trainers and a tracksuit for outdoor P.E. in the Summer Term *School uniform with the school badge can currently be purchased from:- The Schoolwear Shop 40-42 Abington Square Northampton NN1 4AA Telephone: 01604 635828 Kind Regards

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