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Year 5 - Simmonds and Ennis

Recently in Year 5 ...


We have been taking our knowledge of decimals further, by adding and subtracting decimal numbers of different lengths.


We have been exploring the nonsense language in a poem called The Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. 


We produced some fantastic Art work based on the War Artist, Henry Moore.

Our Homework

Each week, Year 5 children should:

* Practise their spellings

* Read daily

* Practise their target cards

Our Class Reads

class reads

Our spellings: Term 5

Spellings - term 3a(1)

Our Maths Target Cards

maths cards

Our Work

Important Dates for Year 5

Tuesday 12th February - National Space Centre trip

Wednesday 3rd April - TARGET visit - online safety

Tuesday 25th June - Whipsnade Zoo trip

Wednesday 3rd July - Sports day

Monday 8th July - Transfer day

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